A Selling Journal, Huzzah! (mechanicalsiren) wrote in the_outback,
A Selling Journal, Huzzah!

Selling Massive Sam Kieth Collection.

placing my feelers out to see if anyone would be interested. I can take pictures on request and I take paypal. Everything is in perfect condition. I am looking for about half  retail price on everything . I can send media mail which is way cheaper and grab confirmation codes by request. I have 100 percent feedback on ebay and LJ feedback as well.

I am selling:
The Maxx graphic novels 1-6 (I would love to sell as set)
Four Women Graphic Novel
Ojo Graphic Novel
Zero Girl Graphic Novel
Zero Girl Full Circle Graphic Novel
My Inner Bimbo 1-5  Singles*full set
I Before E  2 (out of print) in a slip cover *has the very first Maxx Story Inside
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